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What is Depression?









So, maybe you’ve noticed that you don’t feel quite like your old self. Maybe you’re sad and tired all of the time. Or maybe you sleep all the time, or try to fill up all of your time with work, or kids, or video games, so that you don’t have so many sad thoughts. Maybe you’re depressed.

People can have all sorts of beliefs about depression, and I’m always amazed at how far off base they can be. Depression is not a weakness; it’s either a natural response to events in your life, or you can simply be prone to those feelings because of your genes. It can come and go with the seasons, or it can be around most of the time.


None of this is a personal failing, no matter what anyone tells you, or what you tell yourself. You’re not being weak or self-indulgent. This is a genuine struggle, and it’s a cause for self-compassion, instead of beating yourself up.


In therapy, we can figure out how and why depression is bothering you, and start to plan a way forward. Some people need to also find a psychiatrist to help them with their symptoms through medication, and that’s okay. We can discuss that, so you can start a search for a medication provider, if this is the case for you. We will also figure out which types of treatment will be effective, and get to work.


The bottom line is that depression is manageable, and you can start here, to find some relief.

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