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Starting therapy can be a little scary, and there may be lots of unknowns. If you’ve experienced trauma, it’s also probably very difficult for you to trust new people. And you may have fears about feeling judged or rejected. It’s normal to feel that way, based on what you’ve been through. And therapy should be a safe place where you can start to open up a little bit, so that you can get the help you need.


I can help you in a couple of ways. If you feel that you’re ready to jump into therapy for trauma or depression, we can absolutely do that. But some people need a little time to build skills and learn how to manage their emotions better; or how to take better care of themselves, emotionally. That’s also a really great place to start.


I really want you to learn the skills that you need so that you will be able to confidently take on life on your own. And I look forward to helping you grow! I'm also LGBTQIA+ friendly. Everyone is welcome here.

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